“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 02, 2015

The Pope hates your money, but he'll take it just the same

Pope Francis criticized wealth and the throw-away culture of modern times by saying that "money is the Devil's dung". This from the head of the richest church on Earth....heh heh.
Iran's Mahmoud Achmadinejad assists Pope Frances by indicating the international hand sign for "dung".

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Obama sides with our enemies and alienates our friends

Does anybody else think it's a coincidence that the radical Islamists are trying to establish a caliphate in the middle east, and Obama does everything he can to assist them by advocating the overthrow of every secular regime under the Orwellian named "Arab Spring"? He assisted them in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and probably soon Jordan, all while attacking our best ally Israel, and encouraging the most dangerous medieval theocracy, Iran, to export terrorism, build nuclear weapons, and threaten its neighbors.

It is being reported by Drudge and others via Al-Jarida news agency in Kuwait, that Israel was forced in 2014 to abort their attack on Iran's nuclear facilities after Obama threatened to shoot their aircraft down.

Think about this, Iran has been in a declared state of war with the US since 1979, but has Obama's apparent blessings for a nuclear weapons program, and regularly threatens Israel, our closest ally in the middle east with those weapons, should they succeed in building them.

Granted, the Israeli's would have to fly over Iraq to get to Iran and allowing them to do so would imply our consent(politically problematic for sure) for the attack, but still if the story is true, can you wrap your head around American fighter pilots killing friendly Israeli fighter pilots, assuming our pilots are better than theirs and i'm not saying they are, on the orders of a President acting on behalf of a hostile foreign power?

Here's a telling side-by-side, Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu as an elite commando fighting for his country, while at roughly the same point in time, the effete leader of the "choom gang" in a haze of pot smoke and cocaine, plots a future that would put him in position to allow it's destruction. Embarrassing!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vlad Putin...to the moon, and beyond

Under our Islamo-centric President Obama, NASA abandoned doing anything useful in space and dedicated themselves instead to making unevolved Muslims feel good about their imaginary contributions to science, medicine, philosophy, technology, engineering, art, literature, or any of the other pursuits of modern civilized society. Now we have to pay Putin $80 Million per man just to get to the Space Station. 

Now Vlad Putin has announced that Russia will refund their moon missions and land a man there, presumably to set up a permanent colony, by 2030. 

I have my doubts about whether they'll do it, but that Putin is rubbing our noses in it is an embarrassment to the US. 

Here's a helpful artists rendition of Vlad himself planting the Soviet flag on the moon......and he doesn't even need a helmet. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

ISIS might really be the JV squad after all

Hahahaha, I can't stop watching and laughing at this recently released, very serious ISIS training video......


I can't decide if this is a serious video, a satirical spoof, or extras practicing for their roles in a D-list martial arts film from the 70's. Maybe Obama was right after all, this really is the JV squad. I'm not sure what it says about the Iraqi forces or the American training of them, that they ran away from these retards.

I love the one guy demonstrating ISIS's expert-level camouflage skills, adorned with shrubbery, creeping around what appears to be somebody's back yard.

And the guys somersaulting to pick up a rifle crack me up. That seems kind of disorienting for an active-fire battlefield. Why not just walk over and pick up the gun?

And then there's breaking terra-cotta tile with your head. How does that translate into fighting skill?

If you can get through more than 10 consecutive seconds of this without smiling, you're a better person than me.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sally Kohn is proselytizing rather than parenting her daughter

Sally Kohn is a political analyst for CNN and Fox News. She and her partner Sarah have a six year old daughter Willa, who according to Sally herself, is being raised in a very "gay" environment where it's not unusual to see neighborhood boys whose parents have put them in dresses, all her picture books are the ones with two mommies or two daddies, and when she plays house with her koala-bear family and identifies with the mommy bear, Sally and Sarah gently remind her that the Koala parents might be two daddies or two mommies as well.
Sally wrote an essay in which she lamented the likelihood that Willa was probably straight. Sally seriously wants Willa to turn out to be gay and it is dismaying to her that Willa is already boy-crazy.

Sally Kohn is a moron. Ironically she is upset that the very thing that she fights for as a gay activist, is happening in her own home.......that is, you are born either gay or straight and no amount of aggressive, pro-gay brainwashing and parental nudging will change that, in the same way that you cannot reprogram a gay kid to be straight.

Be a parent first, not a militant activist with an agenda, and let Willa grow up to be whatever she is, without judgement or the expression of disappointment that she turned out how she is.
Am I wrong here?

In science, if it can be done, it should be done

Have you heard of "three-parent babies" that the flat-Earth fundamentalists think is heretical and may portend the irreversible demise of the species?
Some disease processes like some diabetes, heart, and liver problems are associated with bad mitochondrial DNA. During traditional IVF procedures, it's possible to introduce the healthy mitochondria of a third party into the fertilized egg, thereby preventing that disease or disorder.
While I think it's wrong to create designer babies, though I don't want laws preventing it, disease prevention at conception seems worthwhile.
On the other hand, I've always had the iconoclastic scientific belief that if it can be done, it should be done. Human cloning? Do it. Cross-species breeding? Who wouldn't want to see a half human half dolphin?
I am amused by the fact that the science is decades ahead of the law and my experimental curiosity outweighs my fear of the unknown.
I am 99% sure that all human/dolphin hybrids would look like this. 

wink emoticon

Friday, February 20, 2015

Obama fantasizes that Islam is more than a blood-thirsty cult of barbarism

This was Obama's claim to the Islamists that attended the farcical Summit on Violent Extremism this week.....

"Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

Um, I don't think so Mr. President. The first time Islam reared it's ugly head that had anything to do with America was in 1801, and I'm no history buff but I believe the US was founded a little bit before that. At any rate, the Marines stamped Islam back in its dark hole, during the first Barbary War. Muslim pirates along the Barbary Coast, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisa, and Libya, were capturing American merchant ships and holding the men hostage for huge ransoms. 

Thomas Jefferson was having none of it and dispatched the Navy/Marines to handle the situation, and handle it they did. So you could argue that Islam played a key role in making permanent the Navy and Marines as part of the US military, but I don't think that's what he's talking about. 

I have no idea what Obama is talking about. To my knowledge Islam has played no role in anything productive or useful, anywhere, much less in the foundation of the US. Will his lapdog media friends ask him to mention a contribution of Islam to the fabric of America? Don't hold your breath. 

Jobs for Jihadis

The nerdy librarianesque Marie Harf, to whom I am tepidly yet inexplicably attracted, thinks that the only thing that vile, murderous jihadis need is a job to set them on the straight and narrow path to self-respect, personal growth, and achievement.
I hear Walmart is hiring.

Lurch doesn't have a clue

Embarrassing secretary of state "Gigolo" John Kerry, says that radical terrorists can get their crazy ideas for terror almost any where, including teachers, unfair parents, prison butt-buddies, pretty girls on websites, and even resentment over the lavish menu items at restaurants where elitists like him dine daily.

But not once did he allow for the possibility, no matter how remote, that maybe, just maybe these ideas for killing infidels might come from the Koran when it says, "kill them(infidels) where ever you find them."

What is this obsession with protecting Islam? I mean I get why Obama does it.......he has nothing but contempt for America and our colonial past and he clearly supports Islam like he does no other religion. And I get why Josh Earnest does it.....he's Obama's mouthpiece and too dumb to have a coherent, independent thought anyway. But what is John Kerry's excuse? Is he just following orders and reading from Obama's teleprompter? He cannot possibly believe the words that are coming out of his mouth.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama calls the worlds Muslims together to remind them that he's with them

You don't think president Obama identifies first as a Muslim and that's where his loyalties lie? At his transparently farcical Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, where he hosted Muslim groups with terrorist ties, he signaled the Muslim one-finger salute of solidarity....

Included are other examples of Muslims giving the salute which translates roughly as, "I am Muslim". Here's a close up of his gesture which judging from their expressions, apparently delighted the deranged terrorist sympathizers to whom Obama ingratiates himself at every opportunity. 

Obama promised that he would "stand with Islam should the political winds shift", rededicates himself to the worlds Muslims.