“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Saturday, May 28, 2016

American environmentalists are partially to blame for Zika's rapid spread

Amid the mosquito-borne Zika virus spreading now to 50 countries, there is a rising call to move the Rio Olympics to avoid further spreading the disease. (logically it is unwise to invite people from every country in the world to a hotbed of infectious disease, then send them home to infect their home countries. Um, can you say pandemic?)

So far over 4000 babies, the most susceptible, have been born with microcephaly and a few adults have died. Critics blame the Brazilian government for not better controlling the mosquito population.

I have one acronym for you sanctimonious critics......DDT!

The most efficient and potent mosquito control chemical ever invented is kept on the sidelines of the war on mosquito-borne disease because of a ridiculous, poorly done study by a flaky environmentalist Rachel Carson and then FDA head and Greenpeace officer Bill Ruckelshaus who banned it solely because of Carson's stupid book, "Silent Spring".

The smug sanctimony of American environmentalists has condemned millions of third-world peasants to death, disease, and birth defects.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A.I. fast food is right around the corner

Full grown adults who can't manage to rise above minimum wage at fast food jobs clearly aren't that bright to begin with, but these McDonald's morons in Chicago who're striking for $15/hr minimum wage, in the age of automation, are only hastening their own inevitable replacement by friendly, efficient, clean, prompt, and accurate robots.
They're too dumb to figure out that $15/hr is too high a labor cost for sacking fries, when for $35,000 and a can of 3-and-1 oil, a robot can do it perfectly and without complaint for decades.....much cheaper than human labor.....at least at $15/hr.
Keep marching idiots, and when your A.I. replacements get delivered, you can keep marching on down to the unemployment office and pick up your first of undoubtedly many free checks.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Human/animal chimeras, just around the corner?

So the government is overseeing the hybridization of animals and humans......sort of. They're funding the experimentation of putting some human genes into animals to address histo-compatibility problems with transplants etc. Technically these are chimeras, but you mention that word and people go crazy imagining bizarre, gross half man half pig, horror movie creatures.

Relax people, we're not quite there yet.

That said, my motto regarding this sort of science is, if it can be done, is should be done and let the ethics lawyers catch up.

Until they do, I for one would welcome the superior pig-men overlords that would shepherd humanity toward a brighter tomorrow.

Solar power ain't ready for prime time

The worlds biggest green-energy boondoggle is located in the Mojave Desert. The $2.2 Billion Ivanpah solar farm is necessarily heavily subsidized by taxpayers, has fried to death 3,500 birds in only 15 months of operation, only produces 40% of projected energy output, emits 46,000 metric tons of CO2 because it requires natural gas to operate, and we hear this week that misaligned mirrors caused wires in the 300 foot tower to catch fire.....heh heh heh. 

Solar power is a nice idea on a small scale, maybe as a supplement, but it just doesn't work when applied on a large scale. If solar were so wonderful, why does it need so much, of any, natural gas to operate? 

If solar power can't be a competitive source of energy in the market place, then it's not ready and taxpayers shouldn't be forced to subsidize this stupid industry. 

suicide by lion, a popular way to go

Regular reader Dave sent this in.....

In Santiago, Chili, a deranged, suicidal man jumped into the lion enclosure, took off all his clothes, and began taunting the lions, one male and one female.
Predictably, the lions were not amused, mauled him, and began dragging him back to their den, presumably to have a nice meal together.
Happy story so far am I right? Not so fast my friend, the Chilean zoo-keepers stupidly elected to shoot and kill both lions to save the man's life. But the man is in grave condition at the hospital and will probably die as wished.

When these morons attempt suicide by lion, just let them. Move the crowds of children away and let the lions do what they do best.
Perhaps the last thing this guy saw....

Two scoops and a bowl of Semtex

On Rush's show today, Islamic scholar Fareed Zakaria revealed that the Arabic word for "virgins" has been mistranslated and is actually the word for "raisins".
Hilariously, this has grave implications for the profession of suicide bombing. Good luck getting some moron to blow himself up on the promise of 72 raisins in heaven. Heh heh heh.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughtless Americans inadvertently make me LOL

A friend of mine over on Facebook posted this today. Now not much amuses me, but this cracked me up. I LOL'd.

You know some of these kids look at the stupid crap we thoughtless Americans send them to make ourselves feel charitable and guilt-free as we sleep in safety and air conditioning and wake to $7 cups of coffee at Starbucks, and they think, what a bunch of a-holes!

Still, this is funny as heck.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Government bureaucrats......uugghh!!!

I'm doing a traffic study inside The Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville so I needed a security clearance/visitors pass to get on base.
At the visitor center the waiting room was totally empty, totally, so I walked up to a window and asked for help. The girl behind the otherwise empty bank of windows said I had to take a number from the kiosk in the lobby. I looked around dramatically and exclaimed "I'm the only one here."
Unimpressed, she pointed to the digital sign above her which read "Now Serving Visitor #59" and she asked, "Do you have number 59?"
Remembering my days in the Air Force and what wastes of space civilian worker drones are and how logic and sense are completely lost on them, I sauntered on over, pushed the button, and was rewarded with a slip of paper labeling me visitor #60.
I handed her the paper and she pushed some hidden button and the sign changed to "Now Serving Visitor #60".
She smirked at me as if she'd just taught me a lesson or something.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jeb just can't get anybody to care about him

Jeb Bush criticized Trump for his tweet on Cinco de Mayo featuring a picture of himself eating a taco salad and the words, "I love Hispanics".
Bush thought it was racist in the same way as tweeting about watermelons with regards to blacks.
Wrong Jeb, taco salad isn't a racial stereotype the way watermelons are. Heck, every American eats Mexican food and beer to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Jeb is still sore that his doomed candidacy never got off the ground. Here's the boy who would be king approximating the number of chances in a million he'll ever hold elected office again.

Young nurse shark tired of swimmers' crap

Regular reader Dave sent this in......

Down in south Florida, according to onlookers, a bunch of swimmers were antagonizing a small nurse shark(adults can reach 11 feet but this one was 2 feet). Having had enough of their bullshit, the nurse shark bit a girl's arm and wouldn't let go, even after it was removed from the water and eventually died in the hands of paramedics. 

GOOD! I hate that the nurse shark died, but I'm tickled pink that he brought some pain to one of these idiots who kept messing with it. Here's hoping the bite wound gets infected.